The game

Fishing Manager puts you in the role of a small fisherman with the dream to get the biggest fishing boat of all Bo Island. Your career begin in your small office where you could manage your business from a writing desk thanks to a computer which you can use to keep an eye on the weather, the news, the bank relationship and much more. The town of Bo Island rises on its port and it extends with some buildings scattered along the coast, buildings with which it is possibile to interact, as the fish deposit, the fish market, the cafè, the bank, the prison ect.

Bo Island also owns the cemetery where, alas, you could see the tombs of the previous captains, dead in adverse circumstances, disappeared at sea or in the fight with some mysterious fish of the abysses. Be careful not to end up yourself on one of those tombstones.

With the available money you should equip your first boat, stock up on everything you need for a fishing trip, check the wheater and take the boat out in the sea. Send your boat initially in the waters around the coast, and then push you into unknown and deep waters in search of some Monster fish. While your boat is fishing, you can use the office computer and, in case, recruit qualified staff at the Island Cafè, necessary when you will purchase your first fishingboat.

As soon as your boat is back to the port you have to check your catch and run to sell it on the market. Be careful if you are fishing during the night, because the market is closed and you will be forced to empty the catch in your warehouse. Yes, in Fishing Manager the transition from day to night is in real time! With the earned money you can improve buildings, purchase another office, recruit other laborers and buy a great fishingboat in order to push you farther in the sea! If money are not enough there is always the bank, but be careful, debts must be paid back or the prison doors will open for you!

Improve and furnish your port, purchase streetlights for night, improve the wharves. You are not just fisherman, but also manager! Local newspaper will tell your actions, whether they are triumphs or misfortune. some fishes are more active at night or with bad weather, risk is part of your career, but if it will go bad you could visit anyway your captain’s tomb in the local cemetery, be careful not to fill it all. Fishing Manager is this and much more, the deep Bo Island waters are waiting for you on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Facebook!

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